August 5, 2012



WIRAMAYA (2015 – present) – Formed in early 2015 by Roslan (drums), Jack (vocal/guitars) & Bob (bass). This heavy metal trio writes melodic metal with Malaysian recipes. Their 1st debut single “Yang Satu” will be launched in Disember 2015.


THE LIBERATED  (2014 – present) – made their first single release “Get Up” in August 2012. Habib,Sue, Ibal and Ijat continue writing new materials for the upcoming CD release .The album “Never Gonna Fall” consist 5 song finally released in October 2014 featuring Never Gonna Fall, Real New Year & Not Listening.


NAZIM IFRAN (2014 – present) – Born and based in Kuala Lumpur, Nazim Ifran is a well versed melody maker, singing and writing his own bed time stories.This young singer songwriter will be releasing his debut single “Puteri Khayalan” in mid 2013.


SCIENTIST (2012) – Way back in 2008, Yoshi, Fid and Aziman formed a punk rock band Ishop during their college days. Ishop disbanded due musical differences. Yoshi continued writing new materials and injected “fresh” vibe and positive element in his new songs. Now in 2012, Yoshi and Fid make a comeback as a duo called Scientist, and released their 1st single “Frekuensi”.


SUNDAY WORKERS (2012 – present) – The band was formed in 2008. It all started when Azwad (Rhythm Guitarist) was reminiscing about the past and his dreams that haven’t been achieved yet..At first, it was planned that both Azwad and Joe would sing their own songs ala Lennon and McCartney but later they decided that a lead vocalist should be chosen instead. Another ad was posted of which Rustam (Lead Vocalist) came for audition and he was chosen.The band finally recorded their very first single in July 2009 and here they are now; The Sunday Workers. They continued recording and finally released their singles “Could It Be” and “Tak Kuasa Merindu” in early 2012. Until now only Azwad remain as one man show for Sunday Workers, still continuing his passion on songwriting.


SKUDAP SKUDIP – Hail from Royal Town Klang Selangor, this 7 piece ska band was on high demand in local independent music scene during 2009. We released their debut CD consist of 10 songs including Skalala, Potret, Mamamu Benci Aku and few others ska hits. Skalala was their major hit and been played in few local radio stations.

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